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Category: Other Neoplasms
Cancer type: Wilms' Tumor
Descriptor: Met expression

Reference Number: 216
Alami, J., Williams, B. R. & Yeger, H. Expression and localization of HGF and met in Wilms' tumours. J Pathol 196, 76-84. (2002).
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Reference Number: 375
Pinthus JH, Sheffer Y, Nagler A, Fridman E, Mor Y, Genina O, Pines M. Inhibition of Wilms tumor xenograft progression by halofuginone is accompanied by activation of WT-1 gene expression. J Urol. 174, 1527-31 (2005)
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Reference Number: 732
Vuononvirta R, Sebire NJ, Messahel B, Perusinghe N, Reis-Filho JS, Pritchard-Jones K, Vujanic GM, Jones C. Expression of hepatocyte growth factor and its receptor met in Wilms' tumors and nephrogenic rests reflects their roles in kidney development. Clin Cancer Res. 15, 2723-30 (2009)
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