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Category: Other Neoplasms
Cancer type: Melanoma
Descriptor: Therapeutic Development

Reference Number: 22
Jakubczak, J. L., LaRochelle, W. J. & Merlino, G. NK1, a natural splice variant of hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor, is a partial agonist in vivo. Mol Cell Biol 18, 1275-83. (1998).
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Reference Number: 38
Fazekas, K., Raso, E., Zarandi, M., Dudas, J. & Timar, J. Basic HGF-like peptides inhibit generation of liver metastases in murine and human tumor models. Anticancer Res 22, 2575-9 (2002).
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Reference Number: 868
Kenessey I, Keszthelyi M, Krámer Z, Berta J, Adám A, Dobos J, Mildner M, Flachner B, Cseh S, Barna G, Szokol B, Orfi L, Kéri G, Döme B, Klepetko W, Tímár J, Tóvári J. Inhibition of c-Met with the specific small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitor SU11274 decreases growth and metastasis formation of experimental human melanoma. Curr Cancer Drug Targets. 10, 332-42 (2010)
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Reference Number: 873
Yamamoto BJ, Elias PD, Masino JA, Hudson BD, McCoy AT, Anderson ZJ, Varnum MD, Sardinia MF, Wright JW, Harding JW. The angiotensin IV analog Nle-Tyr-Leu-psi-(CH2-NH2)3-4-His-Pro-Phe (norleual) can act as a hepatocyte growth factor/c-Met inhibitor. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 333, 161-73 (2010)
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Reference Number: 880
Puri N, Ahmed S, Janamanchi V, Tretiakova M, Zumba O, Krausz T, Jagadeeswaran R, Salgia R. c-Met is a potentially new therapeutic target for treatment of human melanoma. Clin Cancer Res. 13, 2246-53 (2007)
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Reference Number: 1139
Vergani E, Vallacchi V, Frigerio S, Deho P, Mondellini P, Perego P, Cassinelli G, Lanzi C, Testi MA, Rivoltini L, Bongarzone I, Rodolfo M. Identification of MET and SRC activation in melanoma cell lines showing primary resistance to PLX4032. Neoplasia. 13, 1132-42 (2011)
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Reference Number: 1182
Kawas LH, McCoy AT, Yamamoto BJ, Wright JW, Harding JW. Development of angiotensin IV analogs as hepatocyte growth factor/Met modifiers. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 340, 539-48 (2012)
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Reference Number: 1206
Straussman R, Morikawa T, Shee K, Barzily-Rokni M, Qian ZR, Du J, Davis A, Mongare MM, Gould J, Frederick DT, Cooper ZA, Chapman PB, Solit DB, Ribas A, Lo RS, Flaherty KT, Ogino S, Wargo JA, Golub TR. Tumour micro-environment elicits innate resistance to RAF inhibitors through HGF secretion. Nature. 487, 500-4 (2012)
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Reference Number: 1207
Wilson TR, Fridlyand J, Yan Y, Penuel E, Burton L, Chan E, Peng J, Lin E, Wang Y, Sosman J, Ribas A, Li J, Moffat J, Sutherlin DP, Koeppen H, Merchant M, Neve R, Settleman J. Widespread potential for growth-factor-driven resistance to anticancer kinase inhibitors. Nature. 487, 505-9 (2012)
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Reference Number: 1233
Samadi AK, Cohen SM, Mukerji R, Chaguturu V, Zhang X, Timmermann BN, Cohen MS, Person EA. Natural withanolide withaferin A induces apoptosis in uveal melanoma cells by suppression of Akt and c-MET activation. Tumour Biol. 33, 1179-89 (2012)
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Reference Number: 1478
Jubb AM, Ribas A, Sosman JA, McArthur GA, Yan Y, Rost S, Zhao S, Koeppen H. Impact of MET expression on outcome in BRAF(V600E/K) advanced melanoma. Histopathology. 63, 351-61 (2013)
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Reference Number: 1546
Surriga O, Rajasekhar VK, Ambrosini G, Dogan Y, Huang R, Schwartz GK. Crizotinib, a c-Met inhibitor, prevents metastasis in a metastatic uveal melanoma model. Mol Cancer Ther. 12, 2817-26 (2014)
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Reference Number: 1664
Etnyre D, Stone AL, Fong JT, Jacobs RJ, Uppada SB, Botting GM, Rajanna S, Moravec DN, Shambannagari MR, Crees Z, Girard J, Bertram C, Puri N. Targeting c-Met in melanoma: mechanism of resistance and efficacy of novel combinatorial inhibitor therapy. Cancer Biol Ther. 15, 1129-41 (2015)
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Reference Number: 1796
Yeh I, Botton T, Talevich E, Shain AH, Sparatta AJ, de la Fouchardiere A, Mully TW, North JP, Garrido MC, Gagnon A, Vemula SS, McCalmont TH, LeBoit PE, Bastian BC. Activating MET kinase rearrangements in melanoma and Spitz tumours. Nat Commun. 27, 7174 (2015)
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