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Category: Other Neoplasms
Cancer type: Glioblastomas/Astrocytomas
Descriptor: Reviews

Reference Number: 677
Moriyama T, Kataoka H, Koono M, Wakisaka S. Expression of hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor and its receptor c-Met in brain tumors: evidence for a role in progression of astrocytic tumors (Review). Int J Mol Med. 3, 531-6 (1999)
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Reference Number: 775
Abounader R, Laterra J. Scatter factor/hepatocyte growth factor in brain tumor growth and angiogenesis. Neuro Oncol. 7, 436-51 (2005)
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Reference Number: 888
Lamszus K, Laterra J, Westphal M, Rosen EM. Scatter factor/hepatocyte growth factor (SF/HGF) content and function in human gliomas. Int J Dev Neurosci. 17, 517-30 (1999)
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Reference Number: 1504
Boccaccio C, Comoglio PM. The MET oncogene in glioblastoma stem cells: implications as a diagnostic marker and a therapeutic target. Cancer Res. 73, 3193-9 (2013)
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