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Category: Soft tissue sarcomas
Cancer type: Leiomyosarcoma
Descriptor: Animal models

Reference Number: 114
Jeffers, M., Rong, S. & Vande Woude, G. F. Enhanced tumorigenicity and invasion-metastasis by hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor-met signalling in human cells concomitant with induction of the urokinase proteolysis network. Mol Cell Biol 16, 1115-25 (1996).
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Reference Number: 326
Zhang YW, Su Y, Lanning N, Gustafson M, Shinomiya N, Zhao P, Cao B, Tsarfaty G, Wang LM, Hay R, Vande Woude GF Enhanced growth of human met-expressing xenografts in a new strain of immunocompromised mice transgenic for human hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor. Oncogene 24, 101-6 (2005)
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Reference Number: 345
Shinomiya N, Gao CF, Xie Q, Gustafson M, Waters DJ, Zhang YW, Vande Woude GF. RNA interference reveals that ligand-independent met activity is required for tumor cell signaling and survival. Cancer Res64, 7962-70 (2004)
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Reference Number: 353
Jiao Y, Zhao P, Zhu J, Grabinski T, Feng Z, Guan X, Skinner RS, Gross MD, Hay RV, Tachibana H, Cao B. Construction of human naive Fab library and characterization of anti-met Fab fragment generated from the library. Mol Biotechnol. 31, 41-54 (2005)
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