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Category: Soft tissue sarcomas
Cancer type: MFH/Fibrosarcoma
Descriptor: Therapeutic Development

Reference Number: 48
Morotti, A., Mila, S., Accornero, P., Tagliabue, E. & Ponzetto, C. K252a inhibits the oncogenic properties of Met, the HGF receptor. Oncogene 21, 4885-93 (2002).
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Reference Number: 918
Lee JC, Li CF, Fang FM, Wang JW, Jeng YM, Yu SC, Lin YT, Wu JM, Tsai JW, Li SH, Huang HY. Prognostic implication of MET overexpression in myxofibrosarcomas: an integrative array comparative genomic hybridization, real-time quantitative PCR, immunoblotting, and immunohistochemical analysis. Mod Pathol. 23, 1379-92 (2010)
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