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Category: Musculoskeletal sarcomas
Cancer type: Osteosarcoma
Descriptor: HGF/SF expression

Reference Number: 141
Fukuda, T. et al. Coexpression of HGF and c-Met/HGF receptor in human bone and soft tissue tumors. Pathol Int 48, 757-62 (1998).
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Reference Number: 820
Chattopadhyay N, MacLeod RJ, Tfelt-Hansen J, Brown EM. 1alpha,25(OH)2-vitamin D3 inhibits HGF synthesis and secretion from MG-63 human osteosarcoma cells. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 284, E219-27 (2003)
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Reference Number: 821
Fieten H, Spee B, Ijzer J, Kik MJ, Penning LC, Kirpensteijn J. Expression of hepatocyte growth factor and the proto-oncogenic receptor c-Met in canine osteosarcoma. Vet Pathol. 46, 869-77 (2009)
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Reference Number: 990
Tsubaki M, Yamazoe Y, Yanae M, Satou T, Itoh T, Kaneko J, Kidera Y, Moriyama K, Nishida S. Blockade of the Ras/MEK/ERK and Ras/PI3K/Akt pathways by statins reduces the expression of bFGF, HGF, and TGF-ß as angiogenic factors in mouse osteosarcoma. Cytokine. 54, 100-7 (2011)
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Reference Number: 1128
Zhang L, Wang Y, Wang L, Cao T, Hyuga S, Sato T, Wu Y, Yamagata S, Yamagata T. Ganglioside GD1a negatively regulates hepatocyte growth factor expression through caveolin-1 at the transcriptional level in murine osteosarcoma cells. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1810, 759-68 (2011)
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Reference Number: 1805
Husmann K, Ducommun P, Sabile AA, Pedersen EM, Born W, Fuchs B. Signal transduction and downregulation of C-MET in HGF stimulated low and highly metastatic human osteosarcoma cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 464, 1222-7 (2015)
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