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Category: Carcinomas
Cancer type: Prostate
Descriptor: Poor Prognosis

Reference Number: 386
Hashem M, Essam T. Hepatocyte growth factor as a tumor marker in the serum of patients with prostate cancer. J Egypt Natl Canc Inst. 17, 114-20 (2005)
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Reference Number: 475
Humphrey PA, Halabi S, Picus J, Sanford B, Vogelzang NJ, Small EJ, Kantoff PW. Prognostic significance of plasma scatter factor/hepatocyte growth factor levels in patients with metastatic hormone- refractory prostate cancer: results from cancer and leukemia group B 150005/9480. Clin Genitourin Cancer. 4, 269-74 (2006)
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Reference Number: 538
Verras M, Lee J, Xue H, Li TH, Wang Y, Sun Z. The androgen receptor negatively regulates the expression of c-Met: implications for a novel mechanism of prostate cancer progression. Cancer Res. 67, 967-75 2007
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Reference Number: 1639
Nishida S, Hirohashi Y, Torigoe T, Nojima M, Inoue R, Kitamura H, Tanaka T, Asanuma H, Sato N, Masumori N. Expression of hepatocyte growth factor in prostate cancer may indicate a biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy. Anticancer Res. 35, 413-8 (2015)
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