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Category: Carcinomas
Cancer type: Pancreas/Gall Bladder
Descriptor: Animal models

Reference Number: 114
Jeffers, M., Rong, S. & Vande Woude, G. F. Enhanced tumorigenicity and invasion-metastasis by hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor-met signalling in human cells concomitant with induction of the urokinase proteolysis network. Mol Cell Biol 16, 1115-25 (1996).
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Reference Number: 115
Jeffers, M. et al. Hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor-Met signaling induces proliferation, migration, and morphogenesis of pancreatic oval cells. Cell Growth Differ 7, 1805-13 (1996).
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Reference Number: 391
Bauer TW, Liu W, Fan F, Camp ER, Yang A, Somcio RJ, Bucana CD, Callahan J, Parry GC, Evans DB, Boyd DD, Mazar AP, Ellis LM. Targeting of urokinase plasminogen activator receptor in human pancreatic carcinoma cells inhibits c-Met- and insulin-like growth factor-I receptor-mediated migration and invasion and orthotopic tumor growth in mice. Cancer Res. 65, 7775-81 (2005)
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Reference Number: 393
Murakami M, Nagai E, Mizumoto K, Saimura M, Ohuchida K, Inadome N, Matsumoto K, Nakamura T, Maemondo M, Nukiwa T, Tanaka M. Suppression of metastasis of human pancreatic cancer to the liver by transportal injection of recombinant adenoviral NK4 in nude mice. Int J Cancer. 117, 160-5 (2005)
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Reference Number: 965
Zhang YW, Staal B, Essenburg C, Su Y, Kang L, West R, Kaufman D, Dekoning T, Eagleson B, Buchanan SG, Vande Woude GF. MET kinase inhibitor SGX523 synergizes with epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor erlotinib in a hepatocyte growth factor-dependent fashion to suppress carcinoma growth. Cancer Res. 70, 6880-90 (2010)
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Reference Number: 1317
Sennino B, Ishiguro-Oonuma T, Schriver BJ, Christensen JG, McDonald DM. Inhibition of c-Met reduces lymphatic metastasis in RIP-Tag2 transgenic mice. Cancer Res. 73, 3692-703 (2013)
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