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Category: Carcinomas
Cancer type: Ovarian
Descriptor: Therapeutic Development

Reference Number: 826
Koon EC, Ma PC, Salgia R, Welch WR, Christensen JG, Berkowitz RS, Mok SC. Effect of a c-Met-specific, ATP-competitive small-molecule inhibitor SU11274 on human ovarian carcinoma cell growth, motility, and invasion. Int J Gynecol Cancer. 18, 976-84 (2008)
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Reference Number: 828
Zillhardt M, Christensen JG, Lengyel E. An orally available small-molecule inhibitor of c-Met, PF-2341066, reduces tumor burden and metastasis in a preclinical model of ovarian cancer metastasis. Neoplasia. 12, 1-10 (2010)
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Reference Number: 920
Bu R, Uddin S, Bavi P, Hussain AR, Al-Dayel F, Ghourab S, Ahmed M, Al-Kuraya KS. HGF/c-Met pathway has a prominent role in mediating antiapoptotic signals through AKT in epithelial ovarian carcinoma. Lab Invest. 91, 124-37 (2011)
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Reference Number: 1110
Zillhardt M, Park SM, Romero IL, Sawada K, Montag A, Krausz T, Yamada SD, Peter ME, Lengyel E. Foretinib (GSK1363089), an orally available multikinase inhibitor of c-Met and VEGFR-2, blocks proliferation, induces anoikis, and impairs ovarian cancer metastasis. Clin Cancer Res. 17, 4042-51 (2011)
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Reference Number: 1320
Surbone A, Fuso L, Passera R, Ferrero A, Marchese C, Martino C, Luchin A, Di Renzo MF, Zola P. Daily administration of low molecular weight heparin increases Hepatocyte Growth Factor serum levels in gynaecological patients: pharmacokinetic parameters and clinical implications. BMC Res Notes. 5, 517 (2012)
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Reference Number: 1443
Pavan S1, Musiani D, Torchiaro E, Migliardi G, Gai M, Di Cunto F, Erriquez J, Olivero M, Di Renzo MF. HSP27 is required for invasion and metastasis triggered by hepatocyte growth factor. Int J Cancer. 134, 1289-99 (2014)
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Reference Number: 1459
Marchion DC, Bicaku E, Xiong Y, Bou Zgheib N, Al Sawah E, Stickles XB, Judson PL, Lopez AS, Cubitt CL, Gonzalez-Bosquet J, Wenham RM, Apte SM, Berglund A, Lancaster JM. A novel c-Met inhibitor, MK8033, synergizes with carboplatin plus paclitaxel to inhibit ovarian cancer cell growth. Oncol Rep. 29, 2011-8 (2013)
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