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Category: Carcinomas
Cancer type: Liver
Descriptor: Poor Prognosis

Reference Number: 76
Ueki, T., Fujimoto, J., Suzuki, T., Yamamoto, H. & Okamoto, E. Expression of hepatocyte growth factor and its receptor, the c-met proto-oncogene, in hepatocellular carcinoma. Hepatology 25, 619-23 (1997).
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Reference Number: 253
Daveau M, Scotte M, Francois A, Coulouarn C, Ros G, Tallet Y, Hiron M, Hellot MF, Salier JP. Hepatocyte growth factor, transforming growth factor alpha, and their receptors as combined markers of prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma. Mol Carcinog 36:13-41 (2003).
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Reference Number: 476
Kaposi-Novak P, Lee JS, Gomez-Quiroz L, Coulouarn C, Factor VM, Thorgeirsson SS. Met-regulated expression signature defines a subset of human hepatocellular carcinomas with poor prognosis and aggressive phenotype. J Clin Invest. 116, 1582-95 (2006)
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Reference Number: 504
Gotohda N, Iwagaki H, Ozaki M, Konishi M, Nakagohri T, Takahashi S, Yagi T, Kinoshita T, Tanaka N. The role of a protease inhibitor against hepatectomy. Hepatogastroenterology. 53, 115-9 (2006)
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Reference Number: 723
Ke AW, Shi GM, Zhou J, Wu FZ, Ding ZB, Hu MY, Xu Y, Song ZJ, Wang ZJ, Wu JC, Bai DS, Li JC, Liu KD, Fan J. Role of overexpression of CD151 and/or c-Met in predicting prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma. Hepatology. 49, 491-503 (2009)
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Reference Number: 1273
Bozkaya G, Korhan P, Cokakli M, Erdal E, Sagol O, Karademir S, Korch C, Atabey N. Cooperative interaction of MUC1 with the HGF/c-Met pathway during hepatocarcinogenesis. Mol Cancer. 11, 64 (2012)
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Reference Number: 1335
Gao J, Feng X, Inagaki Y, Song P, Kokudo N, Hasegawa K, Sugawara Y, Tang W. Des-?-carboxy prothrombin and c-Met were concurrently and extensively expressed in hepatocellular carcinoma and associated with tumor recurrence. Biosci Trends. 6, 153-9 (2012)
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Reference Number: 1899
Zhu C, Utsunomiya T, Ikemoto T, Yamada S, Morine Y, Imura S, Arakawa Y, Takasu C, Ishikawa D, Imoto I, Shimada M. Hypomethylation of long interspersed nuclear element-1 (LINE-1) is associated with poor prognosis via activation of c-MET in hepatocellular carcinoma. Ann Surg Oncol. 21 Suppl 4, S729-35 (2014)
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