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Category: Carcinomas
Descriptor: HGF/SF expression

Reference Number: 1019
Webb CP, Taylor GA, Jeffers M, Fiscella M, Oskarsson M, Resau JH, Vande Woude GF. Evidence for a role of Met-HGF/SF during Ras-mediated tumorigenesis/metastasis. Oncogene. 17, 2019-25 (1998)
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Reference Number: 1247
Fan S, Ma YX, Wang JA, Yuan RQ, Meng Q, Cao Y, Laterra JJ, Goldberg ID, Rosen EM. The cytokine hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor inhibits apoptosis and enhances DNA repair by a common mechanism involving signaling through phosphatidyl inositol 3' kinase. Oncogene. 19, 2212-23 (2000)
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